What is a Photo Booth These Days?

Gone are the days when you sat behind a curtain, took four pictures, then walked off into the sunset with a 2”x6” strip secured tightly in your wallet. The photo booth industry, like many others, has managed to evolve with technology and transform itself into a multi-platform experience. Notice the word experience; for today’s operators, it’s not just a device to take pictures but an opportunity to provide an overall experience for users. From props to green screens, gifs to boomerangs, these really aren’t your mama’s photo booths!

But isn’t that what a photo booth is for…taking pictures?

Saying that a photobooth’s only job is to take pictures is like saying a smartphone’s only job is to make calls. Why do so little when you have the tools to do so much? Today the photo booth industry offers not only pictures but the excitement and limitless opportunities that these pictures provide. An event is not just a snap, go and finish, as it is a culmination of memories, relationships and excitement – a marketing tool to some, everlasting memories for others. If you are looking for an industry that is failing in adapting to its times, you will not find it here. These changes not only apply to the technology but the operators who go above and beyond to maximize experiences across the globe, without them we are not where we would be today.

A Big Thank You to Photo Boothers Across the Globe

A big thank you needs to be addressed to the photo booth community. Without you guys, innovation in this field would not be possible. Yes, booth improvements are important. Yes, software developments are important, but without a community who so willingly helps one another out and who so willingly instills a customer first attitude, none of this would be possible. It is you who have allowed the evolution of experiences.

To neglect the industry’s growth would be a disservice. To say that the future of photo booths is bright would be an understatement. To say we are just getting started – now that’s somebody who gets the picture.